What is the Ho Oponopono technique?

It`s an ancient technique of solving problems that comes from Hawaii. It`s really about erasing programs and returning to your essence that has been captive.

Ho` oponopono is really about detachment, in order to be free and find who we really are. Because when you are free, when you are in the state of Zero, when you are in balance, all is possible, everything comes, even money!

“Never lose hope, my dear heart

miracles dwell in the invisible” – Rumi

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Ho`oponopono. A forgiveness therapy!

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a famous shrink from Hawaii, had conducted an amazing experiment in the State Hospital of Hawaii. The hospital was confronted with major problems in the Psychiatric area, where dangerous patients were extremely violent. That is when Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len came in to help and performed miracles.

The most interesting part was that he didn`t even speak to his ferocious patients or see them in person. The only thing he had done was work with himself by erasing the programs he had in common with the patients. After only a few months effects were visible and four years later the area was shut down because of a lack of violent patients.

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“If you want to cure someone, including a mentally ill killer,

you can do it by curing yourself”.

Dr. Len holds a Ph.D. in Psychology obtained at the University of Iowa, United States, but he attributes his remarkable success as a clinical psychologist to traditional healing practices learned from Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a “kahuna” woman.

Kahuna means in Hawaiian “secret keeper”, ”expert” or “teacher”. Every job, art, or craft had its own kahuna. In time the term became the equivalent of “shaman” or “priest”. Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona has been among the last “kahuna” in Hawaii, officially named in 1983 by the authorities as “a living treasure of Hawaii”. She set up the Foundation of I, a non-profit organization designed to spread the philosophy and psychological practices of the old kahuna before they are lost. The traditional method was taught by Morrnah Simeona to Dr. Len and successfully applied to the State Hospital of Hawaii. This method is called Ho’oponopono, which could translate by “straightening things”, “correcting of an error “.

Ho`oponopono teaches us to take responsibility for the negative processes both in us and in others! We are all part of the same infinite matrix and at the subtle level, we are all connected. That’s why what’s inside of me is reflected in you and the opposite. This helps us become more empathic and open our souls to healing.

The method is extraordinarily simple, so simple that our mind, fascinated by the complex, has the urge to reject it immediately. On the other hand, despite its simplicity, the method is based on the “huna” principles, which are hardly acceptable for us, raised in the spirit of respect for “rational” and “scientific”.

What exactly did Dr. Len do to heal his patients?

“He repeated continuously: ” I’m sorry! Please forgive me! ” said Dr. Len. That is all! Quite shocking you might say! I guess Doctor Len likes to shock, to surprise us with a powerful and unexpected blow to our mental routine. He says people, especially Westerners, think too much. More precisely, they are caught in the routine of programs running unconsciously. Contrary to what we think, he strongly supports that the intellect cannot solve problems.

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Ask for forgiveness

It is important to be aware of the problem that you feel at the mental, emotional level. And then begin to purify your thinking, which has attracted the problem, through a process of repentance and forgiveness. “I am sorry! Please forgive me! I’m sorry because I made you a hostage to my thoughts and because, through the negativity of my thoughts, I had a destructive influence on your behavior! ”

This is in Christianity: prayer must be preceded by repentance and forgiveness. That is what the conscience can do: to repent and to ask for forgiveness.

The rest is the work of the supra-conscious; he is the harmonizer, the healer. We are prisoners of our own mind and we cannot cure ourselves by using our minds, but with our soul.

Ho`oponopono can be used in the most diverse situations: when we are ill, when someone is sick, when we face professional, financial, sentimental problems, etc.

If we have health problems, then we can tell the body: “I’m sorry I made you sick by my negative emotions! Please forgive me!”.  We must repeat this with sincerity and with exhilaration until the problem vanishes.

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If a friend of ours has financial problems. Then we can say, “I’m sorry I made you such trouble. Please, forgive me!” It is important to say this from the depths of our souls with utmost sincerity and dedication. When we do this from the bottom of our hearts, a feeling of love appears that Dr. Len and Morrnah Simeona say “This is a sign that healing has begun”.

Probably, at first reading, you will reject these things, on the grounds that they are stupid, sleepy children’s stories. But the more simple language we use and by practicing this in sincerity and perseverance, the more intense the effects will appear and the quality of our relationships improve significantly.

Dr. Ira Byock of the United States has worked a lot with patients in the terminal phase and has described his experiences and conclusions in two best-selling books. One of them is called “The Four Things That Matter Most” and refers to the most common statements that the sick do to the close on the deathbed.

These are:





Try it, you got nothing to lose!

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