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Have you ever thought that the solution for the problem you are facing is exactly inside the same problem? Have you ever wondered why a person who has been bitten by a snake, is given the anti-venom extracted from the same snake’s venom?

Or have you ever wondered what a vaccine contains, such as the one for Covid-19? The vaccine is basically a small amount of the virus administered in a specific number of doses so that your body can generate antibodies and fight it in case you catch the disease.

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Likewise, in the case of the problems or diseases we face, the solution is also within that problem. It is known that most problems are caused by various forms of stress. Stress is a high level of cortisone, which is the stress hormone produced by our own body.

From a spiritual point of view, any problem or illness is based on an unmanifested negative emotion. These are obviously unpleasant and we tend to have the reflex to reject them as soon as they appear. The constant rejection of emotion at the subconscious level creates an emotional blockage that leads to disease. Therefore, the solution to the problem is to confront that blocked emotion or to accept it fully and unconditionally. Although it is painful and unpleasant at the moment, it can be the only effective solution to cure the problem we are facing quickly.

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This principle also applies to our fears. There is a saying “What are you afraid of, you will not escape”, so the only solution is to face those fears. For example, if you are afraid of heights, then you should take your heart in your teeth and jump in tandem with the parachute. It will be extremely frightening, you may even think you will die, but as soon as you touch the ground with your feet, you will feel a deep release and you will be completely healed. Or if you are afraid of the waves, then it is probably best to learn to surf with a licensed instructor. I don’t think it makes sense to give you more examples, you got the idea.

But let’s talk about a technique discovered by the famous psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl, which paradoxically cancels any program created out of fear, such as anxiety about certain aspects of our lives or maybe even some nervous tics that no longer give you peace. The method is called the “paradoxical intent technique” and refers exactly to combating the blockage using the very same blockage or fear that grinds you. Frankl tells us about a boy who stuttered severely and practically this made his life much harder because he could not have a dialogue without stuttering. One day, while on a tram with thoughts lost, he discovers that he forgot to buy a ticket. When the controller came to him, he thought of apologizing for what he knew best to do, which was to stutter. Paradoxically, in his attempt to stutter, he began to speak correctly, turning his plan upside down and thus receiving the appropriate fine.

Viktor E. Frankl

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Have you ever thought about when you were very sleepy and couldn’t sleep? Then the solution would be to just wish you didn’t sleep because that’s the only way you’ll be able to fall asleep. The diligent effort to get what we want can take us away from just that. Another example is the effort to reach orgasm. The more effort we put in, the longer it takes to appear. The solution, in this case, is obvious, to not want to get an orgasm in order to have it.

There is no scientific explanation for this yet, which is why he calls it the “paradoxical intent technique” because it nullifies the very program we face and which causes so much suffering within us.

Do not believe me! Just try it!


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