Spiritual awakening is messy and ugly, but is worth all the effort.

What is spiritual awakening?

As its name says, “Spiritual Awakening” is actually the awakening of the spirit. If until now you did not believe in its existence and you were an atheist, now is the time to believe, whether you like it or not. It is an opportunity to rediscover your spiritual nature. The fact that you are a spiritual Being who has an experience on Earth with a physical body and a mind.

What are its symptoms?

Symptoms can range from physical to mental. If you are experiencing stress, panic, long-term anxiety, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, then you are clearly in the process of waking up. Although these symptoms are totally nasty, they have been with you for a long time, and now it’s time for them to come to the surface. It is an opportunity to cleanse and return to the essence of life, to our Being. If you experienced mental symptoms at the beginning of your awakening, there is a good chance that they will also turn into physical symptoms. Here you will be able to figure it out yourself. But don`t worry, there is always help and this is part of the process.

We Are All Broken – That’s How the Light Gets In.” 
E. Hemingway

What`s its purpose?

The purpose of life is to experiment. And I’m not just talking about the good stuff, but the bad stuff. I know it sounds weird, but just by getting over the weight, you get to evolve and see the beautiful part of life. Spiritual awakening is the discharge of traumas and emotions from those experiences lived by you throughout your existence. It is not something you become, but the unloading of what you are not. The revelation of your inner Being.

How to cope with it?

First of all, to listen to your inner voice, to your Being, and to let yourself be guided by it. Then it is advisable to research as much information as possible about your spiritual nature and your role on Earth. It is also recommended to seek all the specialized help you need, but also alternative therapies, shamans, or other spiritual healers if you resonate. It is necessary to learn the lessons that life offers you and to make a change on your own terms. From the food, you eat to the information and people you come in contact with.

What to do next?

As you evolve spiritually and begin to understand more about yourself, you will accumulate a lot of information, gain spiritual strength, and the ability to heal. If you use them for your own cleansing, you are already part of the great Plan of Divinity. But if you feel strong enough and feel the need, you can help other people like you. People who need information, guidance, therapies, and everything else that can help them cope with their own spiritual awakening process.


Robert S.

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