How to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome? Part 3

Let`s face the truth.

If we agree that anxiety is the root of chronic fatigue syndrome, then we should probably try to find the source of that anxiety. From my point of view, anxiety can have its roots in our own childhood, but this is not mandatory. I believe that anxiety occurs because we have suffered in our past very much and we are afraid that we will suffer again in the future. Thus, the automatism of thinking negatively about the future appears and we automatically fear it, which causes anxiety.

It is very possible that in your early childhood, you went through many difficult moments that affected your self-esteem, believing that all those unpleasant events happen because of you. Children tend to believe this, although this is not true at all.

For example, if your parents often quarreled when you were little, then you probably thought you were to blame for the situation, which you now know is not true. Or maybe you were bullied by other mean children and thought you were to blame because you were not worthy to be around them. Again, it’s not your fault, it’s the fault of those who mistreated you.

Low self-esteem and trauma create long-term anxiety and activates in difficult times of life. No wonder that by often exposing ourselves to this anxiety, we end up with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.

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There is a solution for this.

But there is good news in all this. Understanding the root cause and overcoming childhood trauma can help us heal the source of our anxiety that fuels chronic fatigue. From this point of view, it is recommended to love yourself and work with a good hypnotherapist or psychotherapist with whom you resonate.

There are many people in the world that suffer from this chronic fatigue syndrome today and need help just like you. So remember that you are not alone and that there is a cure for everything.

Come on, fighter, you’ve been through a lot of shit, now is your time to heal and live a normal life. Keep on fighting!


Robert S.

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