How to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome? Part 2

Why chronic fatigue syndrome is a program and why it`s best treated with psychotherapy?

Certainly, if you suffer from this syndrome, you have surely gone through anxiety in your past, depression, and maybe even panic attacks.

When you had symptoms you felt bad both physically and mentally. You had severe states of apathy and fatigue. And this is normal because these conditions consume a lot of energy. So in time, this state of exhaustion becomes a program, meaning a reflection of your mind that you will get tired based on fear. Fear that you will get tired and you will not be able to perform a certain action that you set out to do.

To simplify things, anxiety creates long-term chronic fatigue syndrome or fear of fatigue. The program becomes so deep that your mind is no longer aware of it and is looking for solutions outside.

The first solution is to cure that anxiety and change the fatigue program to the normal functioning one.

Now I am not a psychotherapist, I only present the causes from my point of view, because I also suffered for many years from this syndrome and I studied all its mechanisms. But if you do not want the years to pass by you, the wisest thing is to turn to a good psychotherapist to give you the help you need.

That’s all for the second part of the article. I will return with part 3 and the final conclusion about this subject in the near future. Until then, I wish you good health and lots of strength.


Robert S.

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